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Beatriz Elena Castillo

2024 Violin D

Beatriz Elena Castillo Maldonado is a violinist born and based in Puerto Rico. She is currently a rising sophomore at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, where she studies performance under the tutelage of Dr. Francisco Cabán. Starting her musical endeavors at six years old, Castillo Maldonado continued her musical pursuits at the annual internships with the Symphonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico, as well as performing as a soloist in 2023. She has performed at the Sphinx Performance Academy, VIA Academy with the New World Symphony members, and the Fresno Summer Orchestra and Opera program (FOOSA), where she played at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. In order to keep herself connected to the vibrant musical community outside and inside of her island, she enjoys volunteering at the Fundación Mar de Música, where she coaches young musicians from underrepresented communities to reach their goals.